LunchBus Rules



Here are the rules - memorize them if you plan on attempting to ride

  1. Shane IS the Driver - Do not attempt to usurp his position.
  2. Shane's Vehicle IS the LunchBus - No matter what he is driving, that vehicle IS the Bus. Do not attempt to substitute another person's vehicle for the Bus.
  3. The Bus Leaves When Shane Leaves - You have approximately 30 seconds to get your behind out to the bus or you will be left.
  4. You May or May Not Be Informed When The Bus Is Leaving - So you better get your behind back to the "between" position early  (between: in between Shane (aka Driver) and the Bus).
  5. You May or May Not Be Asked to Ride the Bus - Questions? Contact a former employee who was kicked out of the Bus for ASSuming he could ride
  6. Don't Tell the Receptionist the Bus is Leaving, or Who is on the Bus - Simply drive by the front window and hope she sees the bus leave.
  7. Feel Free to Suggest a Restaurant - but don't get your hopes up, you may or may not end up there.
  8. If you Suggest a Disagreeable Stop - You and Yo Mamma Can Go there.
  9. At Times the Bus May Find Itself in a Rut - such as "The Bus only turns right out of the parking lot." Do not be alarmed. The Trend will pass.....about 15 years from now.
  10. You Don't Like the Rules? - Don't Ride the Bus - Sometimes known as "see rule #1" in other lists...

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